Growing up in the majestic city of Uzhgorod, Ukraine, Artem Kolyuka was no stranger to extraordinary architecture and alluring industrial design. Rich in artistic heritage, the city features buildings of Czechoslovakian constructivist and Soviet modernist style. In the heart of Uzhgorod stands the historic, medieval Castle, the city’s most prominent architectural monument. Capturing notes of medieval Gothic and Renaissance style, the imperial masterpiece inspires all who encounter its glory. Artem is an Uzhgorod-based interior designer who focuses on lighting fixtures such as chandeliers.

There is no doubt that this city of wonders lay the initial foundation for Artem’s appreciation of transcendent design and expression of creative ingenuity.
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In his early years, Artem attended the Kiev National University of Culture and Arts where he received his bachelors and masters of arts. From there he gained exposure through a variety of notable internships and job opportunities. Not only did he work alongside famous fashion designer Sergey Ermakov, he also helped design collections for fashion studio Filamento, and create clothing styles for Ukranian alcohol company, Khortitsia. He continued to explore different styles of media, venturing into print design, graphic design, and finally finding his passion in interior design.

In 2014 he collaborated with Nivolai Savin, an accomplished furniture manufacturer, and master of the trade.

The duo united their personalized set of skills to produce exclusive, high-end pieces for trade markets throughout Ukraine. In 2015, their work began to spread worldwide, compelling them to launch Next Level Studio, an industrial and contemporary line of furniture and lighting fixtures. The studio is located in Artem’s hometown of Uzhurgood, ensuring that he has first-hand access to every step of the production process.

Through the use of wood, metal parts, and suspension kits, Artem is able to bring his pieces to life. He credits his inspiration for the whimsical designs to his love of space travel as a young boy. Referencing the award-winning astronomical mystery, Interstellar, Artem translates the beauty of nebulas and galactic phenomena into his artwork. Another source of inspiration, seen throughout his many chandelier installations, is his admiration of The Pillars of Creation. The wooden structures are encompassed by LED lights which represent the gas and dust particles eroded by nearby stars. His installations venture outside the bounds of conventional artwork, transcending the common display of light and arrangement.

The chandeliers appear to defy gravity, as they are not bound by a single parameter, but merely suspended within their own miraculous beauty.

Although the chandeliers are his most distinguished pieces, he also offers an array of fascinating lamps, tables, and wall decor that incorporate his usage of light and parallax framework.

His attention to detail and true craftsmanship make his work some of the most coveted among art lovers and luxury decorators. His newly created website and distinguished, 5-star rated Etsy page allow people from all over the world to buy his remarkable, made to order pieces. The customizable designs can be shipped internationally with an expected lead time of roughly 20 days.

Artem and his team not only ensure absolute security of the product, despite any long trips, but they also provide the most cost-efficient transportation and delivery. Each piece is given considerable amounts of care and attention, eliminating any risk for damage. Providing exceptional quality and in-depth communication, Artem delivers one of a kind pieces that are sure to leave every customer speechless.