What’s Hamptoning: An Inspiring Lifestyle Brand

From amazing places and ideas, to jaw dropping natural wonders and other awe-inspiring facets of life. The like-minded positivity and higher code of decorum is inclusive of everyone.

In a day and age where divisiveness and negativity seem to rule headlines; What’s Hamptoning? is a new lifestyle brand with a positive force. It is an inclusive community with a higher code of decorum where all people can experience, dream, aspire and share.

“I believe that if more people, companies, institutions, government, and so forth took an approach like What’s Hamptoning, our country and the world wouldn’t be in the myriad of socio-economic chaos that we are currently facing. This is much more than just business.” said Lawrence Citarelli, Founder and CEO of LIII Group, the company that owns What’s Hamptoning.

What’s Hamptoning has created an exciting social movement whereby people all over the world are sharing their experiences, aspirations, and dreams. Members can join the free community by following the What’s Hamptoning social media accounts and website whatshamptoning.com. The robust website is a popular portal with contributors from all over the world.