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I have had many happy and many sad moments.  I am not sure that one stands out on either side, but I try to focus on the happy moments the most.  These come from time spent with family, friends and my dog!

I think my struggles and setbacks have come from my own personal growth journey – not feeling like I am enough or having self-doubt. Although these feelings creep in occasionally, I have worked a lot on myself and my self-worth over the years to push through these setbacks and move forward in a positive way!

The biggest life lesson I have learned to date is about people.  People are doing the best they can from their own perspective.  I assume best intentions with everyone I meet and everyone I know.  As a sensitive person, this has been a challenge but life is much happier this way!

I have fears that creep in each day, of course, but I am not feeling particularly afraid of anything at the moment.  Life is great and I am very blessed!

My current goals are around my business.  I want to help as many people have the success I have had as I love empowering people to live their best life.  Helping others is the most rewarding thing that I do!

A piece of advice I would give strangers is constantly be working on yourself – taking a personal growth path and becoming who you want to be is a lifelong journey, but worth it.  Never settle.  Always be dreaming and growing!

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woman girl female portrait
Mary & her pup.




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