BLADE can take you the world’s most popular destinations via private helicopters, seaplanes, and jets for a reasonable cost. Before taking off, you can relax in BLADE’s New York, Los Angeles or Miami lounges, serving complimentary tequila and rosé that you are permitted to take on your flight. Read our interview with the visionary company below.

Can you please tell me about BLADE and how it came about?

We noticed a void in the market where people were flying short-haul distances to destinations but had zero brand affinities. The travel process was archaic, and there was barely any dedicated customer service for pre or post flight experience. Our team all comes from brand-oriented and forward-thinking companies, so we applied our background to aviation.

What has been the biggest challenge? On the contrary, what have you relished the most?

Our biggest challenge is keeping up the BLADE standards on each and every flight and for each and every flier. Since we’ve grown so quickly in the past few years, we fly so many routes, destinations, and passengers. We always ensure that we maintain the utmost flier experience.

What inspires you the most to do what you do?

We’re inspired by the process of creating efficiencies for our flier professional and personal schedules, allowing them to spend more time with friends, family, and business associates

What are your goals for BLADE?

Our goal is to continue to offer fliers efficient and approachable means to booking flights between popular destinations. We strive to get them where they want to be.

Can you share something about BLADE that most people don’t know?

Many people don’t know that we literally work at Manhattan’s Westside helipad, where we have a lounge for our fliers. Our headquarters is located right at the helipad, so we watch helicopters depart and arrive all day. It also allows us to monitor flights visually, and interact directly with our fliers.

You can learn more about BLADE and their services on their website.


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