In the fast-paced technological world, 28-year-old CEO and founder of Influence Digital Solutions, Sabrina Horrisberger, knows how to keep up. She’s a multi-faceted businesswoman who specializes in helping small businesses and startups grow through social media marketing, web re-design and email content. Before spearheading her own company, Horrisberger worked as a travel consultant and took a few trips herself. She’s fluent in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Chinese, with limited French.

Born and raised in Misiones, Argentina, Horrisberger came to the United States over three years ago to build her career. She struggles with missing her family who still resides in Argentina, but luckily they are able to frequently visit each other.

She received her bachelor’s degree in tourism and hospitality at Universidad Gaston Dachary in Misiones, Argentina and her master’s degree in tourism management at Universidad de Vigo in Galicia, Spain. Horrisberger completed a few continuing education programs in executive management and digital marketing at NYU and LIU Post as well.

Previously, Horrisberger was a travel consultant at two different agencies, providing clients with vacation packages and traveling advice. Later, she went on to become a digital marketing manager for another travel agency, where she discovered how online marketing can affect the growth of small businesses and startups. This is when Horrisberger was inspired to create Influence Digital Solutions, though she revealed that she’s always had an “entrepreneurial spirit.”

“There was a whole new world to explore from that side of the business and that maybe soon, travel agents aren’t going be needed anymore, so it was a good idea start thinking about a new turn for my professional life,” Horrisberger said.
Influencer marketing digital instagram social media small business entrepreneur
Sabrina Horrisberger

Horrisberger also shared what she finds hardest about owning and operating her business as well as her favorite parts:

“I think the hardest part is [to] keep yourself motivated. Sometimes personal matters interfere, but if you [remind] yourself why are you doing it for, it’s easy to get back in track. I absolutely love the fact that I get to meet amazing people and learn about many different businesses and industries.”
Influencer marketing digital instagram social media small business entrepreneur
Influence Digital Solutions

On the Influence Digital Solutions website, Horrisberger is looking to create a blog and coaching system for clients who need help in growing their business, but not necessarily a managing program.

Horrisberger also has over 22,000 followers on her Instagram account. She features the food she eats, her Peloton exercise routine and the trips she ventures on. The account was first centered on her vacation spots, but later showcased other sides when she said her followers were interested in her life beyond the trips.

“I honestly don’t consider myself a blogger, I would love to have the time to write about my trips around the world and experiences in New York City, Westchester and the Hamptons but I don’t really have time for it right now (maybe in a near future?). I consider myself an influencer maybe, so I try to keep my Instagram feed very original and positive as possible.”

Influencer marketing digital instagram social media small business entrepreneur
Sabrina Horrisberger

The businesswoman has lived in Argentina, Mexico, Spain and the United States. She’s also traveled to every continent, besides Antarctica.

“I can just recommend that kind of experience to everybody else. There is a lot of ourselves that we don’t know until we travel and see the world with an open mind. And that’s what I think brought me to create this business and be able to understand all kinds of industries I work with.”

Horrisberger now resides in Westchester, New York. After her extensive travels, she said she feels like she belongs in New York.

“Fun fact: Before my first summer in the Hamptons, I used to think ‘What’s the big deal? Why everybody loves [the Hamptons] so much?’ And there isn’t really a logic[al] explanation. Of course, they are super charming, you can find yourself running by the ocean in the morning, drinking wine and listening to live music at a vineyard in the afternoon and grabbing 3 Michelin starred food for dinner. But I guess it’s more than that, it’s how they make you feel. I just shine when I’m there and every second around the Hamptons is a treasure that I’ll save with me always.”

Horrisberger can be found on Instagram as @sabribest.
Influencer marketing digital instagram social media small business entrepreneur
Sabrina Horrisberger




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