“No wonder you are single, Elisabeth,” she said. “Guys love to workout with strong and muscular girls like you, but as a girlfriend, they want someone feminine and cute.”

When I got this comment, I just laughed at it, but when I got home and looked in the mirror, I started wondering if she was right after all.

I have muscles, tattoos and I’m strong. Not for a girl. Just strong. Period.

Until then I never thought it disqualifies me as a potential girlfriend or makes me any less feminine and cute.

But the comment made my thoughts spin out of control: Maybe no man will find me attractive enough with my muscles and tattoos. Maybe no man can see my feminine and girly sides because of that. Maybe no man will take the effort of finding out who I am behind my exterior, that I bring more to the table than workouts, muscles, and body art. Maybe I’m always going to be the girl in the friend zone, the cool girl to hang out with, but not the girlfriend material? Because of my hobby. Because of my looks. Because I’m not considered feminine and cute.

What if she is right?

WTF?! Of course, she’s not!! I know my worth, and I know that one day a man will fall in love with me; muscles, tattoos and all. Yesterday I wrote about how the words we choose can make or break someones day, week, month or even more. So choose them wisely and use them with care.



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