Since I was 13, I have dealt with mental health issues. I suffer from anorexia, bulimia, depression, and BPD. I have been in recovery since I was 16…in which I have faced many relapses, ups and downs and all sorts of things.

Despite this, recovery was, and is, the best decision I have ever made. My Instagram account aims to show a real/raw recovery and how it is so so worth it, despite the setbacks that you face.

I’m also a passionate feminist. I believe a part of me getting ill was being subjected to the way the female body is portrayed in the media. I want to show people that their body is not confined to the way the human form is portrayed in the media. For both men and women. We should love the fact that we are all different.

I’m also very passionate about the LGBTQ+ community and equality for all. I want to show that everyone deserves equal rights and that it doesn’t need to be earned.

The hardest part about voicing my opinion and my experiences on social media is exposing all the dark things I have went through to everyone. I have posted deep and dark stuff that not even my family were aware of. But I didn’t want to lie, my account was not only aimed to document and make people aware of the highs and lows or recovery but how it is important and worth it if you persevere. Another hard part is the anxiety of people thinking I’m maybe “attention seeking” or “wanting to wear my illness like a badge.” It is not like that at all.

I want to remind people that they must never give up on getting better from whatever it is they are going through. Everyone regardless of their sexuality, race, gender etc. is amazing and is deserving of equal treatment. Also, remember to eat cake, cake is awesome!

For those who want to voice their opinions on social media, I would say to feel the fear and do it anyway. Everyone has a voice that deserves to be heard. Speaking your opinions is not something that has to be “earned” or “worked for.” We are all worthy enough to speak what it is that we want.

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