My life was full of struggles, I was born in an ordinary family, we were always in need. So my goal was to make enough money so my family can see a better life. I found my way but my father passed away and it broke my heart because it was my dream to help my family (they work so hard) to see the world because they never traveled or etc. Because I was so in pain I decided to get pregnant which was not a good idea, because I wanted to use the baby to reduce my pain.

I made my family, my 19-year-old brother and my mom move to the U.S. because I didn’t want to lose any second anymore, I wanted to be close to them. But I cannot say it was easy.

Thank God I have a beautiful baby and business. But my mom had a stroke, she was paralyzed etc. It was hard, really hard… At the end of the day, I had to learn where to gain energy, how to live a harmonious life without pain in my heart. It took me a while to create my own space where I could heal myself.

I was so focused on money, but when I got it I realized it doesn’t fulfill my life with harmony and doesn’t help me get rid of the pain by losing the most important people in my life. So…. money is important but it doesn’t buy happiness. Everything goes together, little by little. Now I want to share my experience so people don’t get confused by chasing unnecessary goals. Because the formula of happiness is simple. That simple, that people cannot believe that they can have it today.

I want to inspire girls and help them to believe in themselves so they can create any future they want and become happy today and today, not tomorrow or whenever they have money. I can create any life I want, I don’t have to replicate anybody because I’m strong enough to see my own path and help people who are in need.


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