“I struggled with the strong eating disorder for a long time. What truly saved me was self-love.

Getting to know who I really am, taking the time to be with myself and listen. It took a long time for me to heal, almost 14 years. It was like a rebirth, truly. I finally understood that I was looking for love everywhere else, but the whole time the love I was looking for was inside of me.

I learned the hard way how to love myself and for that reason, I love spreading the message of positivity and self-love. I’m grateful for my life and for my body, and I know that I have been given this second chance to live because I have a great mission. I love to help people, to listen to them. I love spreading positivity and sharing my story with others. I want to help people before it’s too late for them. It is just the matter of loving ourselves and being who we are truly in a world that tells us the opposite. It is all about accepting ourselves, respecting and honoring life. Not taking things for granted, especially ourselves.”



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