“Each month I come up with a list of short-term goals. And at the start of each year I include a list of long-term goals. I write them on a whiteboard in my room that I am forced to see every day along with two quotes: the first reads, “luck is when preparation meets opportunity.” The second, “I will never give up.” Both are to remind me to have grit for the things I really want in life. Which at the moment, one long-term goal I have is to obtain a position working as a visual development artist for a major studio drawing for animation. I, therefore, have short-term projects to get me closer and closer to my long-term goal. I always want to push myself to be better today than I was yesterday, and the best and only way I know how to do that is to put in the pencil mileage. Study and practice and have a teachable heart; always.”


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