Whether you are looking for a romantic getaway or you just have an undying love for travel and amazing scenery, a visit to Hotel Marincanto in Positano, Italy is a must. Hotel Maricanto is situated in the most beautiful part of Positano which its inhabitants call “La Sponda.” La Sponda translates to “the shore,” testifying to the superb beauty of one of the most charming areas along the coast. The hotel holds an enviable central position with a spectacular view of the town and sea.

Ever since the hotel opened its doors in 1967, the hotel has been a set for many movies and it has inspired many great painters, thanks to its unparalleled elegance, privacy, and romantic scenery.
Pleasurable amenities for the guests at the Marincanto Hotel include an infinity pool blending in with the horizon and a very impressive restaurant called the Terrazza Celè.
For more information please visit The Hotel Marincanto.


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