I have surely dealt with issues of self-worth. When I was in college, like most people entering their twenties, my insecurities came to light. I noticed them and the people around me noticed them. This was a pivotal time in my life where I noticed that every decision that I made going forward was going to shape my future. There was nothing I could do about the outcomes unless I controlled the decisions I was making. Decisions on who to hang out with, where to go, what to say and how to handle every situation in my life. Loving myself has only created more benefits for me to love other people around me and love the life that was meant for me to live. The only way I could love myself is to take every situation that happens in my life as it should be and learn from it. Still being aware of the decisions I was making based on those circumstances.

The goal was to take the high road every time. Nothing will always go as planned, so I have to be ready to make adjustments. If I haven’t learned anything from my experiences, it was that each experience made me stronger. I believe that so, therefore, I will make all the decisions that lead to me being my best self.

I stay inspired by the spirit that I was born with. I know who God created me to be. Happy, loving, joyful, caring, a mentor, mother, daughter, sister, friend etc. I also know that it will take a lot of self-reflection and breaking down of barriers to be all that will be.  I pray continually for discernment and peace. That I make the right decisions that are leading me to the best life and that it will be peaceful in the process. Knowing that God and the universe want the best for me and knowing that the final outcome for my decisions will produce my best self in the end, keeps me motivated. Knowing that peace, love, and positivity are all apart of who I am and what we as people all have in common, I see that as being the most important thing in life to drive my decisions every day.

This world isn’t about me, it’s how I live through it that makes it worthwhile.

I strive to always want better for myself because I know that I am not perfect. To sum all of that up, knowing who I am and what is meant for me in this world, keeps me positive, motivated and inspired to be great because if I stay consistent in my actions, my best self and life will come.

My best advice to people is, keep growing. Never stop self-reflecting and analyzing why things happen in your life. The saying “everything happens for a reason” is so true. Everything that you encounter shapes who you are and how people will view you. Based on your reactions and decisions, to a given circumstance, determines your strengths, values and deem relationships that you will have with people.

Based on the tests of life, you are being challenged to be your best self for yourself and others. If you weren’t strong enough to handle those situations they wouldn’t have come into your life. We all don’t know what we are capable of until we conquer those things.  Keep fighting for you and make the best decisions because they are meant to mold you.

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