The point is to spread kindness, so it grows and ripples on. So to be honest, the best thing that has ever happened as a result of me being kind to someone is knowing that I was a positive point in someone’s day. Whether they thanked me and acknowledged it or not…

Just seeing the change in someone’s attitude because they were noticed and because someone took an extra second, that we all have to spare, but are in too much of a rush to give. It’s even giving a stranger or a client that extra boost of confidence they might need to slay their day. We live in such a distracted, selfish, fast-paced world now. I don’t think people mean to be quite as rude as they are sometimes. I think they’re just caught up.

Sometimes the best way to even fix your own bad mood is to stop focusing on yourself and to help someone else. Whether it’s a favor, holding the door, a smile, whatever… little kind habits can truly go a long way. You never know when someone may need it.


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