You’d likely picture exquisite lamps, tapestries, and artful furniture when thinking of modern decor, but ThinkGlass is here to change that.

ThinkGlass is all about making visions for decor come to life using glass in the home, office, or just about anywhere else. The company, based in Montreal with work displayed all over the world, has been altering the landscape of modern art and decor since 1999.

glass design interior home counters stairs
Counter top With Waterfall Leg

The Technique

Making thermoformed glass is a unique process; first, it must be heated to a certain temperature in order to add flexibility to the glass so it can then be molded into an extraordinary work of art. This technique is unlike glass blowing, which shapes glass by rolling and blowing hot air. Thermoformed glass’ durability and versatile material allow ThinkGlass to offer thicker pieces of glass to construct whatever project – simple or complex – that clients desire.

The Artist

ThinkGlass’ technology makes it possible for the glass to be molded to clients’ desired thickness and size, but Michel Mailhot’s creativity is what drove the company to the top of its kind. Mailhot, president, master, and artist of ThinkGlass, has over 27 years of experience in creating and designing glass art.

“During my career, I have always combined with equal passion: artistic quest and technical development. The fusion of these elements is vital to help me fully express my creativity. Dreams and ambitions must also come to life in order for me to be fulfilled as an artist and share my work with as many people as possible.”
glass design interior home counters stairs
Debono Treads

Mailhot collaborates with 25 other team members to continue evolving the art of glass design in furniture and decor.

ThinkGlass’ Work

At YYC Calgary International Airport in Canada, there is a glass representation of Canadian mountains and forests, nearly 220 feet long. The Bellagio hotel in Las Vegas has a glass chocolate fountain that oozes and circulates 1500 pounds of chocolate 24/7, which makes for great pictures sought after by awe-inspired visitors. Both of which were created by the company ThinkGlass.

Countertops, stair treads, and bars are among ThinkGlass’ best-selling items. These pieces are made one-of-a-kind with Mailhot’s signature, as he makes sure to add his own manual finishing to every item before it leaves the ThinkGlass manufactory.

ThinkGlass owns the largest glass manufacturing site in the world, which has 21 ovens specifically designed to yield products made by their own technique.



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