The Hamptons are a particularly popular spot on Long Island, especially in the summer. The close proximity to the ocean and bay allow people to hang out at the beach, fish, participate in a number of watersports, and more. Kitesurfing, flyboarding, paddle boarding, surfing, wakeboarding, and water skiing are just a few examples of water sports that you can see a number of people in the Hamptons participate in.

The Hamptons have a variety of resources that make participating in water sports possible.

Whether you are an expert at water sports or would like to be more involved, these companies can definitely help you master the sport or just get started.

Global Boarding has been offering instruction in a variety of water sports since 2001. Located in Sag Harbor, Global Boarding can teach individuals how to wakeboard, waterski, surf, wakeskate, stand up paddle, and more.

Global Boarding offers a variety of programs to choose from. If you want more of an individual and personalized instruction you can opt for that or if you would rather learn in a group setting or with your friends and family you can choose that option as well! The goal at Global Boarding is to provide a program that is simple, comfortable, and a fun experience out on the water. Spending time on the water is a favorite summer activity for most so if you are interested in learning about a water sport or want to gain more skill in a water sport, Global Boarding is the place to do it.

Hampton Flyboard is the largest and most well-known flyboard company in the Hamptons. Flyboarding has become one of the most extreme watersports around the world and now that it is available on Long Island you can get your adrenaline pumping all summer long.

The way flyboarding works is that a flyboard is attached to a hose and that hose leads to a pump that is connected to the watercraft. The throttle controls the power that goes through the house and as the watercraft sucks up water, it pushes it through the pipe and then out of the nozzles of the flyboard. This lifts the flyer out of the water. The instructors at Hampton Flyboard are both trained and certified to operate the equipment and have complete control over the power that goes through to the flyboard. A ten-minute pre-flight instruction is also given before flyers get to flying. If you are interested in flying, contact Hampton Flyboard and book now for this summer!


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