I’m dyslexic and bipolar. One of my teachers very early on has helped me to learn how to use what I guess most refer to as my third eye. It is the ability to think in 3D, for example, to picture a cake and be able to describe it in exact detail from all sides. 

When I was in second grade, I emerged myself into worlds that I had created with unique landscapes,  people, and stories. I spent more time in these stories than in the real world, only because it seemed far better than reality.

This ability is why I can build things so well. I often create them in my mind before I write it down on a paper. My ability to imagine so well can also be a double edge sword. Sometimes it causes me to hallucinate horrible things in my darkest moments, like seeing my own death. 
I’m not sure when I realized I was bipolar. For the longest time, I thought it was normal to have multiple voices in my head. The one particular negative voice has been my subconscious and eventually, I have learned that your subconscious isn’t supposed to whisper “kill yourself” over and over again. 
Sometime in my 20’s, I began to research it. I knew what to look for because my mom is bipolar, but hers didn’t kick in until she gave birth to me.  It never made sense that I could have it too at such an early age, but I did, and I realized that I desperately needed help. 
If there is anyone who is going through similar things, I would advise them to push through forward and find something to focus their time on. If necessary to look into meditation. I would tell them that they are not alone in this world. Their inability to control their thoughts doesn’t make them freaks. But most importantly I would say to them to be open and receptive to love because love is the only thing in this life that is worth absolutely everything.

Some of us are meant to help others when they fall, and some of us are meant to be watched over by others.



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