My happiest moment was finding my peace and being my true self. I am happy now.

My saddest moment was a rejection by the one I loved. I am recently divorced after 25 years of marriage. It was the saddest time of my life…to let go. Yet it was all necessary.

In order to overcome my setbacks and struggles, I had to “keep going” and always give my best (not cut corners) and believe the best is yet to come. I had to pray and have a huge faith!

The biggest life lesson that I have learned so far is that people change, and that’s okay. Because in the process, I changed too! I actually changed for the better. All I need is me and God. Loving myself has brought peace to my life.

I’m not afraid of anything right now. Whatever happens, I know I will be able to walk through it, overcome it, wait it out, and hopefully enjoy it!

My current goals are to become the best version of myself and to be an example for other people. If I can do this, overcome this, smile and believe the way I do – so can you!

To be an example of love…
God’s love.
Without God, I am nothing.
With God, I am everything.

if I had to give an advice I would say this:

Grasp the power of being solo.
Embrace the solitude.
Follow your heart’s desire.
Love the journey.
Surprise yourself.
Be proud of YOU!
Being solo is a gift.

You will have to see and know these gifts because life is different when you’re solo. It will give you moments you’ve never had. Solo will leave you alone but not lonely. It will carry you on adventures that you need. Solo will allow you to view the world on a whole new level. You will cry about things you no longer have. Then you will overflow with joy for the things you’ve never known.

Being solo will force you to level up to be the truest version of you – not who the world wants you to be. You will become the person you are meant to be. It will be challenging, scary, and weird. I have felt out of place. You will do a lot of searching.

The path to finding yourself is walking with God. The moment you take His hand and surrender your plans ~ the best life happens.

God is my source to life. He provides, protects and loves me no matter what…I have to intentionally go to Him. My life has changed. I change and grow daily, moment by moment.

Being solo is a gift.

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