I’m happy, and I have been happy throughout all of my life because I chose to be. The first time I discovered the power of happiness and how differently it affects people, was when I was about six years old.

I remember sitting in a car and looking through the window at the car next to us. I saw a man looking at me, and I made a funny face. I smiled because I thought it was funny, and the man smiled back. Our paths then separated. I did the same thing to the next few cars that we passed by. I waved, smiled at strangers, and they waved and smiled back to me. Doing that gave me a good feeling, so I continued smiling at other people.

I noticed that not everyone returned my smile, some people even ignored me. Some days it affected me more than other days.

Today I feel sad for people who don’t have the courage to open their arms to “strangers.” Maybe life made them close their eyes and not see that beauty in the form of a stranger.

I believe that we can give love to the whole world and when we do, it will come back. If it doesn’t, you will still feel good by spreading positivity.

I love life and I believe it has endless gifts for us humans. We just have to open our minds to see it.

Happiness is fundamental to me. Happiness can be about the people in your life, yourself or even the lack of people you have in your life. It’s crucial for us humans to stay social, and unfortunately, I think technology is taking that away from us. It is good that we can reach out to anybody in the world, but it is more important to have a connection with people who are close by.

I also think that technology and social media affects how we see ourselves. We are always comparing, but that being said, I also believe that it is up to a person to learn to love themselves.

As we all get older, our bodies change. That is beautiful. It also means that we are getting wiser, learning from life. I don’t think it is healthy to keep training if it doesn’t make you happy. Train for fun, train with a smile and laugh if you genuinely enjoy it. Eat well and be aware that food affects not only your physical well being but also your mental health.

Remember to do things in life that YOU love and enjoy and remember that it can be anything. Trying new food, seeing new countries, playing an instrument, getting a massage, dancing or whatever puts a smile on your face. Make some goals in your life; it is only going to make you feel better. Start with small ones so you don’t lose motivation.

It could be tomorrow that I will try cooking a new dish and serve it to my best friend. Try doing something like this yourself. Grab the moment and take a risk. Do something you have dreamed about, but never did, because you thought you would fail.

So what if that book you want to write won’t be a bestseller? You achieved what you wanted, and I’m sure you will say that you learned something new. Every time we make a mistake, we are one step closer to success. Help others when you can and tell yourself how good of a person you are right before you fall asleep.

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