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I struggled with insecurity and feeling unlovable because I grew up in a single family home with a mother who always needed a man. I grew up seeing many men come in and out. Then at age 19, my mother went to prison which changed my life altogether.

I always knew I wanted to do better and be better. I always kept that in my mind. I also sought God during that time and held onto faith that I could rise above. It was very hard, it really was, but I came through and I’m grateful. Now I’m living a healthier lifestyle and learning how to love myself.

I know I am worthy of love. People from my past didn’t always stick around, but it doesn’t mean that I was unlovable. It is on them, not me.

I have two happiest moments of my life, the day each of my girls were born. Meeting your child for the first time is the greatest feeling ever. You cry tears of joy. The saddest moment was when my mother went to prison, and my family basically was ripped from under me in an instant.

I could list so many life lessons that I learned, but one of the biggest for me is always remembering whatever you are going through “it will pass.” You have to focus on the present moment and keep your head up because things change and life can be hard. It always gets better; you always find a way to get over the hurdle, you know?

My current goal right now is getting into the career world in the next year. I recently finished my masters degree, and I work from home, but I’m super excited to land a great job outside the house and have something more for myself. I am also working on building my team for my business. I’m always striving for more.

I want my children to see a hardworking and successful mom as I am the first college graduate in my family. That’s why I want to achieve these goals for myself and my girls.

If I had to give a piece of advice to a room full of strangers, I would tell them to do what they love and not go with what everyone else is doing. To truly find what you love and never be afraid to have your own style, your own thoughts and feelings as well as your own dreams, and don’t be afraid to speak up! Lastly, I would also tell them to let go of insecurity and to find love and compassion for themselves as we live in a very insecure world. It’s sad, and we all deserve to feel amazing, and I would encourage that so much to them.

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Danielle & her two girls.


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