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You either do or you don’t.
You either take it or leave it.
You either say it or don’t.
You either stay or you leave.
You either choose out of love or fear.
You either speak or remain quiet and then you take it from there.

But choose. Decide. And stick with it. Commit to it. Be with it. Be in it. And see where it takes you. See how it serves you.

Because living in the middle is like living in the mud.

It’s like partially purposely choosing to drown a little, not knowing if you actually want to swim to shore or stay out swimming in the unknown. Like you’re kicking and kicking and kicking just to keep your head above the water, but you’re really slowly drowning. You’re expending all of your energy just to try and stay afloat because you haven’t chosen. All because you haven’t decided if you want to swim or if you want to go to shore.

Because you’re stuck in wondering which one is right or wrong.

Well, I’m going to let you in on a little secret, they’re both right. They’re both perfect. You just have to choose. You have to decide. And commit. And remain swimming in the ocean you’re in or swim to shore. Neither is better, and both are right, but you have to choose. And commit. And embody that choice. And see where it takes you from there. What does your heart say? Which way is the wind blowing you? Commit. Make it known! Celebrate it! You have chosen! And let this choice lead you to the next! Bite-sized chunks, one step at a time.

Be here now for your life. Show up in this moment in this choice and GO WITH IT! BE WITH IT! YOU ARE WORTHY OF CHOOSING. YOU ARE WORTHY OF BREATHING BREATHE INTO YOUR LIFE. So what’s it going to be? Swimming in the ocean? Or making your way to the shore?

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