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I feel inspired to let people know that happiness is a CHOICE that we make every day. Every person on this planet has lived their own individual life, and we’ve all gone through struggle and heartbreak.

Many of the strongest people I know have the most devastating stories.

Until about five years ago, I thought that life was happening TO me, but now I’ve come to understand that it’s happening FOR me. See the difference? I am so grateful for all of the experiences I have had in my life because each one has lead to who I am today and I can honestly say that I love who I’ve become.

There is always room for growth and expansion but looking back, I’ve come such a long way.

I want everyone to experience this feeling of freedom, to be, do, and have anything they want. This time and space are meant to be enjoyed!! My dad (bless his heart) always told me while I was growing up that we are put on this planet to work, pay taxes and then die. That never really resonated with me. There was this part of me that honestly believed that I was put here to explore and have fun.

I don’t want anyone to live life with the belief that you are meant to work your life away.  My heart is so heavy just writing about it now.

That’s why I’m inspired to do what I do. I want every person on this planet to live their most fulfilled life, and help people realize that and find their bliss is my goal. I love it. It brings me so much joy and I want to do it until I breathe my last breath.

What I’ve noticed is by letting go of my resistance, things had come into my life that would usually have not because I would have resisted the experience when it was first presented to me. I have also come to accept that times of turmoil and hardship have wonderful lessons that are needed for growth. More importantly, if you’re not able or WILLING to learn those lessons, that source (God/Universe/Higher Self/etc.) will just keep putting situations in your life until you fully acknowledge and LEARN what life is wanting to help you expand on.

It’s a journey; at first I’ll admit I wanted to cross the finish line AS FAST AS POSSIBLE to see what’s at the end.

However, I’ve come to realize that each day is a gift. That’s why it’s called the PRESENT moment. Miracles surround us at every moment, and we are just not used to seeing life that way (or I should say I wasn’t, as I don’t speak for anyone but myself).

For me, the biggest help for shifting my mindset was affirmations; however, ironically, when I first started I could not bring myself to ever do them!  I would sit down in front of my mirror and try to say kind things to myself but anytime I went to open my mouth, tears streamed down my face, and I could NOT look at myself.

There was so much hurt and hatred in my space from years of abuse from others but more importantly from myself.

So I would sit there, in front of the mirror crying, for sometimes a good couple of hours. But after some time, I was to look into my own eyes and say how much I loved and approved of myself. Also, I would like to be clear, that at first I was still choking back tears while I quietly said the words but it felt so much better than sitting in silence watching myself crying and mentally beat myself up.

Now, five years later, it comes so naturally to me.  Any time I see my reflection (even if it’s in a window while I’m walking down the street) I will at LEAST wink at myself because it feels so GOOD.  I love loving on myself, and I know exactly what I need at any point in time; whether it be a cute wink, a good cry, some positive affirmations or even a nap! Every day is different!

In this practice, I’ve learned how much I USED TO depend on OTHERS for recognition, love, and approval. However, I no longer do so, and wow, the difference it has made in how I hold myself and how others respond to me is unexplainable. I wish EVERY SINGLE PERSON UNDERSTOOD this feeling.

It is so rewarding. It is so freeing. It is life changing.

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Karole Friese

“We are all a little weird and life’s a little weird. And when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall into mutual weirdness and call it love.”

I love this quote so much! I feel like people could take it at the basic understanding of an intimate relationship, which it definitely does include that. However, it can be for all of our relationships; family, friends, co-workers, etc. I call these people, who I have fallen in a mutual weirdness with, my soul family. I am always delighted when someone makes that transition, and I’m just like “Yes, you are one of my people.” They are the ones who not only know the FULL weirdness of me but who share the same silly, fun, crazy qualities that I have and adore about myself.

It’s so beautiful to be surrounded by like-minded individuals because, well for one, we have SO MUCH FUN TOGETHER. We could be apart for years, and the minute we come together, it’s like nothing has changed. They bring out the best in me and me, them. Also, in that resonance and unconditional love, we are ALSO able to help one another with our spiritual growth.

It’s so rewarding and empowering to have those people who see your full potential and hold that vision of you, even when you might not be living up to it in any certain moment.

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