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From age 12 I was slagged for being vegetarian, for drinking kombucha (“wtf is that!”), for using natural products, for hand making and upstyling clothes, for hand making gifts, for being a “hippy,” because I wore long skirts and layers of jewelry and my hair straightened, curled and plaited all at the same time, for wearing bindis, for wearing knee/thigh-high boots (“hey Peter Pan!”), for having winged eyeliner!

Everything I did is now in fashion, is now in Vogue and I find it hilarious and wonderful to see everyone jumping on the bandwagon. I wish I’d been less affected by people’s words. I kept my “madness” as quiet as possible the older I got and sure now people are millionaires because of it.

That’s why forever more I will follow my own calling, do what I enjoy, regardless of what the general consensus says because apparently, I see the value in things way earlier than most.


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