Work as much as possible is always my advice but that doesn’t just mean work at your art. I work seven days a week! Being an artist isn’t just about making the art anymore. You have to market yourself which means creating your website and maintaining it. You have to get your work on social media, knowing when the best time to post is and engaging with your followers (that can be a full-time job in itself). You have to be a shipping department, that means figuring out the best shipping rates to send your work all over the world. It also includes ordering all the shipping supplies and knowing how to pack your artwork properly. You have to be a photographer if you aren’t one already, and learn how to take proper photos of your work. You have to be willing and happy to speak to and negotiate with collectors about your work. You have to become your own lawyer if you can’t afford one and read through contracts when licensing deals and galleries come along. You should be willing to take commissions that can sometimes feel much more like work than anything creative.

After all that you need to find the time to still make your art. You have to be willing to do everything in order to do that one thing you really love.


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