In the past, I used to live in Turkey for four years, which is when my love for Turkey blossomed and continues to grow. A few years ago I started my ‘positive Turkey’ campaign, to show a more contemporary perspective of Turkey.

I wanted people to see the beauty of Turkey, instead of being influenced by the tremendous amount of negative press on a daily basis. I believe that it is time for a positive change in Europe.

This is the reason that I created an art platform for contemporary Turkish art and culture. I will be managing a traveling art exhibition in which Turkish art and culture will be represented in very unique locations throughout the Benelux.

Some really don’t understand why I am promoting Turkey. I always tell them that Turkey has many ‘faces’ and we see/read only one of them. The negative one.

So when I came back to the Netherlands in 1992, I was full of stories and so deeply in love with the country that I wanted to tell everybody about my experience.

But unfortunately, the reaction of people was complete the opposite.

That was so shocking for me, that I decided not to tell about my life in Turkey anymore.
Until a few years back, when I discovered the power of social media. On Twitter I was able to tell about my love for Turkey, the Turkish people, Turkish art, cuisine, the history and about everything that I loved so much about the country.

I became a positive activist. I only tell about the beauty of the country, the people the amazing food, the great art and I have been doing that for the past five years and I won’t give up.

I have been an outsider. Mostly, it’s not easy to be the odd one out and to take a stand but sometimes it’s the only option that’s right. So, to reach my goal to rebrand a country like Turkey I couldn’t have done it without help. I will always be an outsider but this time an outsider with friends to help her realize her dream.

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Turkish art that Irma promotes.