One thing I’ve learned in the past two years is to live life for yourself. 

I use to live day by day thinking about how others would view my actions. I always tried to impress everyone but never really thought about what made me happy.

After years of trying to please and look good to everyone – I finally cracked.

I grew depressed and developed severe anxiety. I was so unhappy at my big shot finance job at Merrill Lynch but hid it because I loved saying I worked there for egotistical reasons. I’m not proud of it. But now? I’m at a wonderful independent advisory firm with an amazing team. I can be myself here and not have to blend in with the stuffiness of corporate America.

I have freedom to work on my yoga brand including teaching, practicing, and sharing my journey with you all here on this platform. I am 100% myself and am unapologetic about it.

Moral of the story – BE YOU. Fuck the rules of society. Abide by your true nature and discover your inner happiness. Trust me.

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