I experienced first hand the difference in your life and health that facing your emotions can have. It completely changed my life for good. I want to help others experience that same transformation.

Our society spends too much time on money and image at the sake of our health and well-being. The more of us that are healthy emotionally, spiritually and physically, the better our world will be.

I have always loved helping others. Teaching is a natural part of my personality. However, my divorce and recovery from an emotionally abusive relationship is what pushed me forward.  I realized that my true calling was teaching and guiding others in finding inner peace and spirituality.

I think the common piece of advice that I disagree with the most is when it comes to achieving your goals. We often hear that we should change tactics, or take a break instead of giving up. Yet I think this makes people think they can never discard a goal, and that is wrong.

We change every single day. If I set a goal when I am 22, who says it is the right goal to follow at 32, or for that matter at 23. Instead of powering through our goals we should be more focused on why we are not achieving them. Maybe it’s because it’s no longer the right goal. If it’s not the right goal for you anymore then you are just making yourself miserable trying to reach it. As of today you should be excited about your goal and if you’re not, then stop and reassess. Are you worn out or is the goal no longer exciting for you?

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