I use factory deadstock fabric, damaged fabric, donated clothing and fabric remnants which I rework into patched fabric rolls, which then goes into clothing for adults and children for my brand tattymoo.com

I, like everyone else, fall foul to the comparison game. It’s so easy to look at others lives and feel like you are not enough, or what you are doing is not good enough.

The biggest lesson I have learned so far is to not take yourself too seriously. Have fun every day and love yourself and your life. Regret is such a negative thing to let into your life and I choose not to take my past mistakes or regrets into a new adventure.

I hope to show the person behind the posts as much as I can, with fun photos or stories around my home life, or a video showing me sewing or printing. I try to post a positive or funny quote or saying once every day (or once in every three photos) that revolve around life, well-being, being a positive human, or facts relating to the fashion/textile industry.

What am I most afraid of right now? Not being the perfect partner or mother. I work so hard to be the best for everyone, but sometimes I forget about myself.

I took a bold step last month and went to my GP to discuss fertility. We are now on the path to discover if we can have another baby. The influx of birth announcements makes my heart ache.  I lost an ovary two years ago due to a dermoid cyst taking it over, and we have been trying for another baby ever since, with no luck. I am afraid of my age, my size, my body…

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