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Well, to make a long story short, I put a lot of weight on (30 kg/ 66 lbs ) when my son was born. I was in bad shape. I went for a routine checkup, and my doctor said that my liver was extremely fat and that I could have a heart attack in my 40’s if I don’t change my lifestyle.

So, June 07, 2016, I said enough! First, I decided to change my mindset and shift from diet to nutrition, then in February 2017, I started running and playing tennis again. Now I am addicted to my workouts!

I value every single minute of my life and practice positive psychology on a daily basis. But most importantly, I’ve learned to train my mind and be kind to people every single day.

My motto is very simple: Give without expecting anything in return. Since then I changed my mindset and everything has been nothing but a success in my life.

These days people complain about everything, but I am in the process of self-fulfillment by simply being kind to others and putting all of my efforts in doing good in this world.

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